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About the Authors

Devin Lee Carlson is the pseudonym for coauthors Debra DeCosta and Laurie Allen, who have been writing together for over twenty years.

Debbie: I live in the foothills of North Carolina where I write full-time and fill-in as a part-time editor. Back in the days gone by, I earned a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and held jobs at Pfizer as a scientist, technical writer, and editor for the company’s online Knowledge Base. 


An artist at heart, writing opened a creative outlet that inspired me like no other. Since the dawn of COVID-19 and forever housebound, I wrote the Hell’s Trilogy Series with my sister’s help—saved my sanity. Jae Raiden inspired me to learn how to play the piano. My other hobbies include photoshop graphic design (see our book covers), some jewelry making, and catering to my needy dog, Eli.



L.E. Allen writes solo as well as with coauthor Debbie.


Laurie: My home is in the Sunshine State and I work as a Technical Illustrator. With a BA in English and retirement just around the corner, my dream of writing full-time may soon come true. Other interests include writing, reading, brainstorming, cooking, and keeping Pinto, my adopted kitty, entertained.


Laurie had a blast with the lamas when visiting Debbie.


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