Hell's Trilogy Series


This paranormal urban fantasy leaves you wanting more from the author of the Fallen trilogy: Amongst the Fallen, Against the Fallen, and Archangel of the Fallen

Hell's Triangle


What do you get when you cross an alien, AI technology, and yours truly, Jae RaidenHell's Triangle.

Shaking off a five-year relationship, one I couldn’t commit to, and employed as a network security forensic investigator keeps me shut in and busy. I agree to join my family on an alien-themed cruise to explore the Bermuda Triangle. My father’s excuse is to celebrate a last hurrah before MS disables him. Big mistake.


Aboard the Dream Voyager trouble begins on day one. The ship’s artificial intelligence runs amok when we stop at the center of the Bermuda Triangle. Then the something weird happens. The captain recruits me to investigate the infected AI system. Hacker, malware, anything would be less hostile than the actual gatecrasher. The extraterrestrial manipulating the AI entraps me, forces me to do its bidding or die. From the evidence gathered, death is my destiny no matter which path I choose.


My epitaph? I learned a lot about myself. About life in general. Loss of life is not the end-all, yet life without love is the loneliest of deaths. In the end, can I save my family, the entity, and myself?


Hell’s Triangle is a First Contact/Soft Sci-Fi hacked with bytes of artificial intelligence, one alien invader, and humor to thrill readers from ages 16 on up.

Hell's Trinity


Yours truly, Jae Raiden, my sister, Luna, and best friend, Ash Herod, join forces to save humanity. We call ourselves Hell’s Trinity.

My story continues two years after the cruise disaster that builds into a full-fledged alien invasion—Holy ET of the worst kind. Dad’s UFO obsession is now my reality. Our trio can do no wrong when we team up with the military, AI bots, my meddlesome alien girlfriend, and the something weird to reclaim Earth.

To be honest, my epitaph is downright gruesome. My true destiny, its learning curve steep, forces me to navigate the path to Hell’s doorway. Why me? Before the endgame, can I save loved ones, humanity, and my pathetic soul from the alien takeover? Exist alone?

Hell’s Trinity is book two of the Hell’s Trilogy Series. This Alien Invasion/Soft Sci-Fi embraces a darker edge while preserving its mainstream humor and romance. For readers from ages 13 on up.

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Hell's TriUnity


Ten years fly by for me while in stasis, which might have something to do with a piece of my consciousness connected to the Mavorian mainframe.


The Multitasker, yours truly, awakens ten years later to join forces with Ash, Luna, and Mulan. Our team of misfits try to save what's left of humanity and do so from remote hideouts.

On this new path to mindfulness, I must first deal with my own demons before challenging several roadblocks instigated by the Mavorian dignitaries and the legendary Thirteen Skulls. Setbacks create unimaginable peril to come.


One such setback introduces the Ravenous: a ferocious alien force that far exceeds the intellectual Mavorians. Again, Earth relies on my gifted abilities to save them from extinction. Again, I ask, why me?

Hell’s TriUnity is book three of the Hell’s Trilogy Series. This Post-Apocalyptic Alien Invasion/Soft Sci-Fi embraces a gloomier malevolent tone while squeezing in a bit of humor and romance. For readers from ages 13 on up.

The Fallen Series


This paranormal urban fantasy leaves you wanting more from the author of the Fallen trilogy: Amongst the Fallen, Against the Fallen, and Archangel of the Fallen

Amongst the Fallen


Book 1

I'm an invincible mix of Fallen, human, and archangel, also known as the anti-being who exploits time travel and the portal universes--heaven forbid, right?


I struggle with an ugly truth: my sister and I are only part human…

The other ingredients are still a mystery to me. As her twin brother, I must protect Ariane from becoming the anti-being I have evolved into. Dreams of alien worlds and time travel convince me that madness is a side effect of the change, especially when fantasy becomes reality. The absence of childhood memories disturbs me even more.

In my early twenties, I should have more friends. My sister and I share the same two. I’ve not enough fingers to count the enemies lining up to strike us down. Perhaps Pop’s journal will reveal the answers. As luck would have it, others also seek this information. And so, the scavenger hunt to secure the journal begins for all concerned. Ariane and I face certain peril

when one of the Fallen tries to impede our success.

Can I protect Ariane and survive amongst the Fallen?


Number one in a trilogy, Amongst the Fallen is a Paranormal Urban Fantasy for younger and older minds alike.

Against the Fallen


Book 2

In conflict with each other, my sister and I make a stand against those who oppose us. My meddling in time travel and the portal for personal gain anger our enemies. Pregnant with Sabree’s child, Ariane loses her powers and ability to help. Sabree and I battle the Malakhim to save the Fallen. The first round won, I earn the right to lead the surviving clans. My reign falters.


A lawless archangel threatens to destroy me along with loved ones. His deceptive manipulations jeopardize my true destiny. Family and friends unite to stop an ancient organization known as the Guardians from joining a lunatic who plots Earth’s demise. Against all odds, can I save Earth and those I love from total annihilation?

Archangel of the Fallen


Book 3

Let there be light. My light...


I forget how many times I longed to time travel into the past to patch things up. Especially my own f-ups. Get a do-over of my own. Well, how does the saying go? Be careful what you wish for.

My son and I travel back in time to save Earth from annihilation, making sure the events that caused its demise don't repeat themselves. My sister is skeptical of the new me. Worse yet, I have to befriend Sabree all over again. No biggie until my true destiny reveals itself. No longer can I avoid the ongoing battle with aThorsis. No longer can I avoid entering the Lighted Realm.

ARCHANGEL OF THE FALLEN is the highly anticipated third installment of the Fallen Series full of adventure that will keep readers turning the pages.

The Ravenscar Series


By Blood We Unite and By Magick We Unite are YA Fantasy books where epic meets fairy tale. 

By Blood We Unite


Book One of the Ravenscar Series

To defend his reign and unite Antilles, Darrick Ravenscar relies on newfound friends and forbidden magick. . . 


The Wizard Dragorn of Bloodgorge conjures dark magick to corrupt the Ravenscar family. An assassination attempt shakes Darrick’s world. Can the young clan lord regain his sovereignty? Whom can he trust if not family or friends?


Auray and Althea Woodsman, siblings who practice forbidden magick, nurse the mortally injured Darrick back to health. A lasting friendship forms until someone close to him is murdered. Evidence points to Auray.


Will an ancient legend unite the land? Or will forbidden magick unleash chaos?


BY BLOOD WE UNITE is the first installment of the Ravenscar series, a YA Fantasy that delves into the friendships made while coming of age.

By Magick We Unite


A king shall wear the lost Crown of Denune and rule over every tribe. But first, all four gemstones must illuminate as one. . .

Will all four gems light up for Darrick Ravenscar as he places faith in the Antillean Ways to outsmart Dragorn’s dark magick? Darrick and friends travel north to enlist Elven magick to end Dragorn’s curse on the Ravenscars. The Elven queen’s Woodland realm unravels when she throws Darrick in a dungeon and attempts to kill Auray.


In search of her brother, Althea confronts the Wizard Dragorn, who is outraged that his controlling spell has backfired. He imprisons her as his future bride. Auray escapes the Elven realm and races to Bloodgorge to defeat the wizard and save his sister. A battle of magick ensues between Auray and Dragorn. Can the Antillean Ways conquer dark magick? Will the legend hold true—will the crown unite the tribes of Antilles?

By Magick We Unite is Book Two of the Ravenscar series.

Stand Alones


Read Maya Rebirth

Maya Rebirth


The end of the Mayan calendar, the ill-reputed 2012 Doomsday scare, graced theaters with one blockbuster and plenty of B-rated movies.


Years later and the myth forgotten, I discover a celestial marker dead center in the Milky Way. The beam just happens to zero in on Recluse, Montana, where young scientists unearth a pyramid thousands of miles from the Yucatan. In addition to begging me to join the team, they recruit a Maya archeologist, Lucia Torrez.


All hell breaks loose while investigating renewable energy. We inadvertently unleash a Maya legend held captive inside the pyramid for 3,000 years. The cosmic creature shares destructive powers similar to a black hole. Its escape ignites worldwide carnage that breathes new life into the doomsday prophecies once viral on the internet.


Betrayed by a Maya priest, ancient lovers hijack Lucia and me on a quest to save humanity. To defeat the creature, the team either relies on scientific prowess or submits to ancient rituals. As the chosen one, I must choose between two tragic outcomes: my love’s demise or the extinction of humankind.

Maya Rebirth is a Supernatural Thriller for all ages.