The Fallen Series


This paranormal urban fantasy leaves you wanting more from the author of the Fallen trilogy: Amongst the Fallen, Against the Fallen, and Archangel of the Fallen

Amongst the Fallen


Book 1

I'm an invincible mix of Fallen, human, and archangel, also known as the anti-being who exploits time travel and the portal universes--heaven forbid, right?


I struggle with an ugly truth: my sister and I are only part human…

The other ingredients are still a mystery to me. As her twin brother, I must protect Ariane from becoming the anti-being I have evolved into. Dreams of alien worlds and time travel convince me that madness is a side effect of the change, especially when fantasy becomes reality. The absence of childhood memories disturbs me even more.

In my early twenties, I should have more friends. My sister and I share the same two. I’ve not enough fingers to count the enemies lining up to strike us down. Perhaps Pop’s journal will reveal the answers. As luck would have it, others also seek this information. And so, the scavenger hunt to secure the journal begins for all concerned. Ariane and I face certain peril

when one of the Fallen tries to impede our success.

Can I protect Ariane and survive amongst the Fallen?


Number one in a trilogy, Amongst the Fallen is a Paranormal Urban Fantasy for younger and older minds alike.

Against the Fallen


Book 2

In conflict with each other, my sister and I make a stand against those who oppose us. My meddling in time travel and the portal for personal gain anger our enemies. Pregnant with Sabree’s child, Ariane loses her powers and ability to help. Sabree and I battle the Malakhim to save the Fallen. The first round won, I earn the right to lead the surviving clans. My reign falters.


A lawless archangel threatens to destroy me along with loved ones. His deceptive manipulations jeopardize my true destiny. Family and friends unite to stop an ancient organization known as the Guardians from joining a lunatic who plots Earth’s demise. Against all odds, can I save Earth and those I love from total annihilation?

Archangel of the Fallen


Book 3

Let there be light. My light...


I forget how many times I longed to time travel into the past to patch things up. Especially my own f-ups. Get a do-over of my own. Well, how does the saying go? Be careful what you wish for.

My son and I travel back in time to save Earth from annihilation, making sure the events that caused its demise don't repeat themselves. My sister is skeptical of the new me. Worse yet, I have to befriend Sabree all over again. No biggie until my true destiny reveals itself. No longer can I avoid the ongoing battle with aThorsis. No longer can I avoid entering the Lighted Realm.

ARCHANGEL OF THE FALLEN is the highly anticipated third installment of the Fallen Series full of adventure that will keep readers turning the pages.

The Ravenscar Series


By Blood We Unite and By Magick We Unite are YA Fantasy books where epic meets fairy tale. 

By Blood We Unite


Book One of the Ravenscar Series

To defend his reign and unite Antilles, Darrick Ravenscar relies on newfound friends and forbidden magick. . . 


The Wizard Dragorn of Bloodgorge conjures dark magick to corrupt the Ravenscar family. An assassination attempt shakes Darrick’s world. Can the young clan lord regain his sovereignty? Whom can he trust if not family or friends?


Auray and Althea Woodsman, siblings who practice forbidden magick, nurse the mortally injured Darrick back to health. A lasting friendship forms until someone close to him is murdered. Evidence points to Auray.


Will an ancient legend unite the land? Or will forbidden magick unleash chaos?


BY BLOOD WE UNITE is the first installment of the Ravenscar series, a YA Fantasy that delves into the friendships made while coming of age.

By Magick We Unite


A king shall wear the lost Crown of Denune and rule over every tribe. But first, all four gemstones must illuminate as one. . .

Will all four gems light up for Darrick Ravenscar as he places faith in the Antillean Ways to outsmart Dragorn’s dark magick? Darrick and friends travel north to enlist Elven magick to end Dragorn’s curse on the Ravenscars. The Elven queen’s Woodland realm unravels when she throws Darrick in a dungeon and attempts to kill Auray.


In search of her brother, Althea confronts the Wizard Dragorn, who is outraged that his controlling spell has backfired. He imprisons her as his future bride. Auray escapes the Elven realm and races to Bloodgorge to defeat the wizard and save his sister. A battle of magick ensues between Auray and Dragorn. Can the Antillean Ways conquer dark magick? Will the legend hold true—will the crown unite the tribes of Antilles?

By Magick We Unite is Book Two of the Ravenscar series.

Stand Alones


Read Mayan Resurrection and more

Mayan Resurrection


Mayan astronomers delved into the unknown and probed deep into the cosmos. This exploration led to the end of their civilization. Exotic hieroglyphs survived, warning future generations from making the same grave mistake. Nonetheless, scientists of the new millennium deciphered these archives as ancient myth . . .


The end of the Mayan calendar, the infamous 2012, was written off as a bust. However, years later, the myth forgotten, a team of young scientists and a Mayan archeologist, Lucia Torrez, discover a weather anomaly related to a pyramid thousands of miles from the Yucatan. In Recluse, Montana no less.


While investigating renewable energy, they unleash a Mayan deity imprisoned 5,000 years ago. The legendary Ek'-Way shares properties similar to a blackhole. Its escape ignites worldwide carnage that breathes life into the doomsday prophecies once publicized on the internet.


An ancient Mayan couple once deceived by Mayan lords, possesses Lucia and Galen Stewart to save humanity. The team must choose between ancient rituals or scientific prowess.

Mayan Resurrection is a Science/Fantasy Thriller for all ages.

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